frequently asked questions

The No Rubbish Send Back Programme is an option. An option that you have always wanted. With this, you can send back empty packaging, once you've used the product, so we can recycle it. Yeah, we're big believers of karma, what goes around comes around!

You can send back any No Rubbish packaging. Along with that, we also accept any empty plastic bottles, tubs, tubes, jars you have from other brands, that you want to recycle. We know it sounds crazy. Crazy good! Cause, you know the earth doesn't give a flying duck about consumerism.

When you collect about 7 such empties (the more the better - cause carbon footprint and all), simply head to the website and place a request for a pickup. And we'll send someone to pick it up. It's like recycling, for lazy people.

We make sure what you send back is repurposed responsibly. Oh, and you also get discount coupons, you greedy little planet saver.

Idk man, saving the planet or something?