Our products come in some fine-looking looking circular jars, and we have a few good reasons for doing so –

  • We’re committed to using recycled plastic, and currently there is no technology in India that allows us to mould recycled plastics into bottles and tubes.
  • The jars are easy to stack and compact enough to fit heaps of them in a box, helping us transport them in a more fuel efficient, planet friendly manner!
  • There’s more room for you to scoop out and use our products until the very last milligram, ensuring you’re getting 100% of that product you’re paying for.
  • And when those jars are all clean and empty, they are easy to recycle and even more fun to reuse however you want. Get creative!

Research shows that the aluminium foil used for sealed packaging contains plastic, and when teared apart, small remains of it end up in the landfill. So, we decided to chuck it! And instead designed tough jars which are leak-proof, planet friendly and eliminate the need to use any excess materials to seal them altogether. You see, we're a brand with conscience.

We are India’s first virgin plastic-free brand (certified by Startup India) and only adhere to using recycled plastic, sugar cane-based bio plastic and recycled paper in our packaging.

The sugarcane derived bio-plastic is mixed with recycled plastic to give our jars the stability they need to make it to you safely. In contrast to virgin plastic, they are sustainable produced, easily degradable and mean no serious harm to Mama Earth.

Because that’s quite literally the mantra we live by. Our recyclable and recycled packaging is a step towards not contributing to the already existing piles of landfills our planet bears the burden of. And our products are free of all the unwanted chemicals and nasties that your skin can’t bear the burden of. Simply put – no rubbish, inside out.

From production to consumption of our products and their packaging, we aim to be responsible towards the environment, and not let them end up in a landfill. For this, we encourage you to send us back your empty jars + any plastic containers you have lying around, and we'll be sure to recycle them all responsibly as part of our Send Back programme.

Never! We like to stay miles away from sulphates, parabens, silicone, formaldehyde, PABA, Paraffin, Phthalate, and mineral oils. They are the true enemies of both our skin and planet.

Never have, never will. We are 100% cruelty-free and adore our furry friends.

We use ethically sourced plant-derived ingredients, making all our products 100% vegetarian and earth friendly!

Our favourite bit about no rubbish is the Send Back programme! Send us back our empty jars + any plastic containers you have lying around, and we’ll be sure to recycle them all responsibly. To know about our Send Back programme Click here.